Welcome to Audrey’s Facial Retreat

San Diego Facials

When you step inside my little Retreat, I hope you will let go of all the outside influences which create stress and chaos in your life – to allow stillness. Upon entering, you will be greeted with soft music, beautiful aromatic essences and my promise to always provide you with love and a caring touch to nourish your skin and spirit. I chose to remain a small business owner because I love having a close personable relationship with my clients.

My goal is to elevate your understanding of skin care to a new level with deeper holistic insight and to bring your attention to the HEALTH of your skin, which is a reflection of your inner beauty and well-being. There is nothing more fulfilling than for me to be able to assist you with that forward movement. By working together, you and I can gain insight to promote methods and luxurious levels of inner and outer beauty. I will help you become aware and understand what is happening with your skin and what may show up due to neglect and how to prevent that from happening.

My clients range between the ages of 12 and 90 years old. You are never too young to begin caring for your skin or too old to reverse the visible signs of damage due to neglect, environmental conditions and life style choices. Just as every face is different – unique, each facial treatment is unique. One may have the same skin ‘type’ or ‘skin condition’, but I see each person metabolically different. Therefore, a very different type of treatment is needed for each individual. My hope is to introduce you to a new way of thinking about skin CARE. When you are ready, I hope you will give me a call!

Much Love,

~There’s a certain amount of free energy and momentum added to our lives when we take care of ourselves!~